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Capriol Society for Early Dance

The Society was founded in 1979 to encourage the revival and enjoyment of early dance. Classes are held at St. Mark's Hall, Barton Road, Cambridge, England.

Teaching is mainly in Mediaeval and Renaissance dancing, as practiced at the courts of Europe in the 14th‐17th centuries. Some attention is also paid to dance styles of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dance Classes

Classes include dances suitable for beginners, who are always welcome. Some classes may include rehersal time for the Capriol Dancers. There is no need to bring a partner, but please wear soft footwear, for example: jazz shoes, Scottish dance shoes or shoes with suede soles are all suitable.

Weekly classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 19:45–21:45, over 3 terms per year.

Here are the term dates for the coming year.

The venue is St Mark's Hall (behind St Mark's Church), Barton Road, Newnham, Cambridge, CB3 9JZ.

Parking is available at the venue. The annual subscription to join the Society is £5.00, and the class fee per term is £35.00.


Who was Capriol?

Capriole, which means "caper", is actually the name of a dance-step; and Capriol is also the name of someone appearing in the French dance treatise Orchésographie, written by Thoinot Arbeau and published in 1589. This took the form of a dialogue between the teacher, Arbeau, and his pupil, called Capriol — who is thus the prototype dance student.

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